Most people think that because Bodyweight Calisthenics Skills and StreetLifting (weighted calisthenics) come from the same roots, they have many common characteristics and are combined perfectly together. It is partially true but it’s not so simple.

StreetLifting is a weight training sport like Powerlifting, Bodybuilding etc. Even though it starts from Calisthenics it’s philosophy changes along the way.

On the other hand Calisthenics Skills are achievable with specific training and most of them use the principles of leverage. By using our body as a lever we increase or decrease the forces that our muscles need to apply to obtain certain positions or movements. This is how the strength is built without using external weights.

Bodyweight Calisthenics Skills Pros:

  • Variety of exercises offer a different experience of training.
  • As you achieve impressive skills, it keeps you motivated for long time.
  • The result is changing completely while progressing. I mean that if you train plance, you will start from tuck planche or frog stand and you may achieve straddle or full plance.
  • Low fatigue compared to StreetLifting heavy load training. This means that your body and your mind need less energy to recover. Less sleep and less food. You could manage better the fat loss in this way because you will not feel hunger for the biggest part of the day.
  • Engagement of core muscles in most of the exercises. Abs training as a result of calisthenics skills training.
  • It doesn’t require a lot of equipment and to carry around heavy plates from one place to another.
  • Training more frequently the same muscle groups because the fatigue is less than the weighted training.

StreetLifting Pros:

  • Better programming adjustment using the Principles of Specificity. You can manage better your training goals by calculating the percentage of 1 Rep Max, sets and reps, rest, tempo and emphasize on:
  1. Strength Endurance Training
  2. Hypertrophy Training
  3. Maximum Strength Training
  • Beneficial for testosterone and muscle growth.
  • You can test and measure easily your maximal strength. (I don’t recommend to do it frequently though)
  • You can participate at your local competitions even if you are a new athlete.
  • It fits well with other types of sports such as Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.
  • You feel awesome with lifting heavy weights!


Our recommendation for street workout athletes and anyone who wants to choose something between those two, is to follow a program adjusted to his needs, his goals and his passion. StreetLifting and Calisthenics Skills work well together in a complementary manner, but it requires good programming and balance between those two. Heavy load StreetLifting training causes high muscle and tendon damage which need long time to recover. It reduces the performance of the next days’ training because of muscles, tendons and nervous system fatigue. Your front lever training will be lower in quality some days after a heavy weighted pull ups session. To maintain balance between them you have to perform the program in a more scientific way based on the Principle of Adaptation.

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